Activities of WAVH

The Association is proving counseling and guidance to the Students, unemployed and aged persons to overcome their difficulties. The Association is kind to create awareness among the Public and the disabled through the Seminars, Workshops in various subjects.

  • Referral services: It conducts case studies of the blind persons, their age, aptitude and ability. Analysis of the cases are referred to suitable institutions and organization all over the country.
  • Job Placement services: In view of the important of the economic settlement in modern times the Association is paying the attention to the placement of the blind persons.
  • Awareness and Home Teaching: There is a need to educate the public about the existing facilities of education, training and rehabilitation of the Visually Handicapped so as to enable them to make use of these services for the all round development of the blind persons 

The Association is distributing Braille kits, walking sticks, Tape recorders for the needy people.

The Association is organizing medical camps to prevent disability.